Costs 150 Million and Megaship Leaks

Costs 150 Million and Megaship Leaks

The 361 meter long, 404,389 dwt dry bulk carrier Vale Beijing suffered water ingress while loading iron ore at Ponta da Madeira, Brazil.   The VLOC (Very Large Ore Carrier)  suffered multiple cracks in it’s ballast tanks.  The cracks have allowed water to flood into the No. 7  hold.  The Vale Beijing was scheduled to load 384,000 tons of iron ore but stopped when after 200,000 tons had been loaded.  The vessel is to be pulled out of service for repairs.  The Vale Beijing just started service on September 27, 2011 as the largest ore carrier afloat.  The Vale Beijing, classified as Valemax,  is nearly twice the size of a typical capsize vessel that carries iron ore from Brazil to China.   One report states the cause of the hull cracks may be the result of poor quality in the construction of the vessel.  Reports state if the vessel would sink, it could delay further shipments of iron ore from the port.  No reports of injuries.

Video of the Vale Beijing being towed to an anchorage.

From YouTube

How big is this vessel?

Height: 22 story building

Width:  A soccer field

Length: nearly more than 37 meters longer than the Eiffel Tower‘s height (324 meters)

Capacity:  Roughly the capacity of a combined load of 11,150 trucks


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