Putri Ayu

Putri Ayu

Map of the southern Maluku province, which is ...
Map of the southern Maluku province, which is highlighted in green (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The wooden passenger/cargo ship Putri Ayu sank off the central area of Maluku Province, Indonesia.  The vessel had left Slamet Riyadi during the night with building materials, food stuffs and  27 passengers and crew on board.  As the Purti Ayu proceeded the weather deteriorated as strong winds and waves continue to batter the ship.  Three hours after leaving port, the vessel was struck by a series of huge waves some reaching 5 meters high.   The waves overwhelmed the passenger ship flooding the engine room causing the main engine to fail.   Without power, the Putri Ayu quickly broke up sending passengers and crew into the water.   The local authorities dispatched search and rescue craft to the area.   Rescuers pulled 12 survivors from the water and continue to look for the remaining 15 people who were still missing.  No vessel details were reported.

Update: 70 Persons On Board…

Authorities have revised the number of people on board the Putri Ayu to 70.  Searchers are now looking for some 58 people still missing since the vessel capsized and sank.   So far, no bodies have been recovered.


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