Collision Near Eemshaven

Collision Near Eemshaven


The 89 meter long, 3661 dwt tanker Kosterberg collided with with the 5364 dwt pontoon barge Seeponton 1 under tow by the 31 meter long, 210 dwt tug Wal on the Ems near Eemshaven.  The Kosterberg attempted to pass the Seeponton 1 in dense fog when the two vessels touched.Five meters of the Kosterberg’s port hull was dented  with simliar damage along the Seeponton 1’s starboard hull.  All damage was above the waterline.  No reports of injuries or pollution released.


The Kosterberg was able to proceed to Emden where it safely unload its cargo of 2500 tons of heavy fuel.  The Wal and Seeponton 1 continued on its voyage from Bremerhaven to Papenburg.

Barge Seeponton 1

The water police launched an investigation into the incident.  Reports state visibility was limited to just 1000 meters at the time of the collision.   The Kosterberg was fined 7000 € for a safety violation and was detained at Emden.


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