Durban Storm

Durban Storm

MSC Ines

On October 10, a strong super cell storm struck KwaZulu-Natal along with the harbour at Durban, South Africa.  The storm brought strong wind gusts and heavy rains causing several vessels to break their moorings and run aground.

MSC Ines

The 348 meter long, 114733 dwt container ship MSC Ines broke free of its moorings and was blown across the harbour until it lay perpendicular to the harbour entrance.  Five tugs were dispatched to refloat the boxship and assist it back to its berth. The MSC Ines sustained damage to its stern No reports of injuries or pollution released.

SM New York

The 336 meter long, 102518 dwt container ship SM New York broke its mooring and was blown aground on a nearby sand bank.

Bow Triumph

The 183 meter long tanker Bow Triumph broke its mooring at Island View and was blown aground on a nearby sand bank.

MSC Susanna & Maritime Newanda

Both the 337 meter long, 117095 dwt container ship MSC Susanna and the 190 meter long, 55820 dwt bulk carrier Maritime Newanda broke their moorings during the storm. Tugs were nearby and were able to hold the vessels in place until the storm abated.


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