Two on the Danube

Two on the Danube


The 105 meter long self-propelled barge Panta Rhei 2 went aground on the Danube near Schnelldorf, Germany.  The Panta Rhei 2 had struck a navigation buoy pulling the chain under the hull.  The Panta Rhei 2 was able proceed at reduce speed with the chain stuck underneath.  The vessel was en route to Regensburg from Passau.


The 80 meter long self-propelled barge Athos attempted to pass the Panta Rhei 2 when it grounded onto a gravel bank.  The Athos was en route to Straubing from Passau loaded with 760 tons of corn.  The grounding has blocked traffic until it can be refloated. No reports of injuries or pollution released.


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