Merlin Capsized

Merlin Capsized

Merlin 1

The 52 meter long self-propelled dreger-barge Merlin capsized on the Rhine River in Basel, Switzerland near the port of Kleinhüningen. The Merlin was loaded with gravel when it became destabilized and capsized.  The 4 crew on board were able to abandon ship before the vessel overturn with its keel out of the water.  The crew were rescued by firefighters and water police.   

The Merlin, pulled by the strong current, drifted into the side of the passing passenger ship Olympia.  The Olympia had attempted to steer clear of the Merlin, but was struck on the port side.  In this attempt, the Olympia then struck into the side of the moored passenger ship Lafayette.  Both vessels sustained some hull damage and the Olympia later reported a leak and some water ingress.  The 50 passengers on board the Olympia and the 100 passengers on the Lafayette were taken ashore while both vessels were inspected.  No reports of injuries.

Authorities were able to secure the overturn Merlin and secure it to the shoreline.  Reports state there was some pollution released into the river as some diesel fuel spilled from the Merlin.  No reports of injuries.

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