Dual Destroyer Incidents

Dual Destroyer Incidents

Tso Ying
Photo: udn.com

On October 3, the Taiwan Navy had 2 destroyers sustain damage in separate incidents. In the port of Kaohsiung, the 171 meter long Kee Lung-class destroyer Tso Ying was struck by the 152 meter long, 19999 dwt tanker Everrich 3. The Everrich 3 was making a turn to head out of port when it sideswiped the stern of the Tso Ying which was at its berth. The tanker sustained significant bow damage while the destroyer suffered a large dent and hull breach at the stern. No reports of injuries or pollution released.  The Everrich 3 was ordered back port for inspection.

Chin Fu En
Photo: cna.com.tw

Off Suao harbor, the 171 meter long destroyer Keelung collided with the fishing vessel Chin Fu En.  Both vessels were heading into port when the Keelung attempted to pass the slower fishing vessel. During the attempt to overtake the Chin Fu En, the destroyer struck the stern of the fishing vessel. The Chin Fu En sustained damage to port aft section while the Keelung was undamaged. There were no injuries on either vessel.


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