Typhoon Hato

Typhoon Hato

Typhoon Hato
Photo: MRCC

On August 23, Typhoon Hato landed near Hong Kong, China. Authorities issued a typhoon 10 warning due to the storm’s sustained winds of 78 miles per hour and gusts reaching over 129 miles per hour.  Reports state that four vessels requested assistance that were in Hong Kong or the Pearl River estuary. Reports state three vessels had run ashore, one had capsized and another broke-in-two releasing pollution into the water.

From Hong Kong news reports:

During the typhoon Typhoon several cargo ships were stranded, 39 crew members were trapped on board or falling into the sea, and more than 10 were injured. Authorities received a report at about 1 pm, from a cargo vessel stranded in the southwest of Hong Kong with 14 crew on board.  The crew requested assistance with three helicopters dispatched to the scene.  Rescuers had a difficult time with the waves between ten to fourteen meters. Despite the bad conditions, rescue helicopters found the cargo vessel and rescued twelve crew off the vessel and two crew from the water who had fallen overboard. Several crew had sustained injuries.

Helicopter search during the scene found other vessels stranded.  Rescue operations were able to rescue over 25 crew.  One crewman was found unconscious and another who was suffering from hypothermia. Both were taken to hospital for treatment.  The search and rescue operation was suspended at night after eight sorties had rescued a total of 28 crew members.

Vessels reported that requested assistance:

  • The 88 meter long, 3382 dwt tanker Gem No. 8 (IMO: 9332482)
  • The 144 meter long, 19822 dwt tanker Rainbow Island 88 (IMO: 9286542)
  • The 97 meter long tanker Kai Shun You 7 (MMSI: 413444170)
  • The 141 meter long cargo vessel Xin Hau Tai (MMSI: 413701730)
  • The 63 meter long cargo vessel Yuhai1 (MMSI: 413831041) abandoned and crew abandoned ship into the water near the shore in Discovery Bay.


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